Kaiser Karl Has a Thing for Queen Elizabeth II

Dear Letter Lovers, A while back, Karl Lagerfeld was invited by french television channel France 2 to debate and comment her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee that took place just last week.           And the Kaiser’s comments provied to be far more entertaining than the usual British commentaries, and made live … Continue reading

“Being Well Read is in Fashion” – Olympia Le-Tan Book Clutches

“Je suis inspirée para ma vie, les choses qui m’entourent et la literature.” Olympia Le-Tan, the designer who made literature fashionable. Olympia Le-Tan has become quite the household fashion name. This self-taught fashion designer studied and learnt with the classics, starting her career at the Chanel Studio with Karl Lagerfeld and venturing on to “Balmain … Continue reading

Marie Antoinette Gets a Hair Cut – Chanel Resort 2013

Marie Antoinette Gets a Hair Cut & Goes Punk Rock It took a year to produce, but once again, Karl Lagerfeld managed to find the perfect balance between classic elegance and the modern trends of the 21st century for this year’s edition of the Chanel Resort Collection. Set in the gardens of Le Chatêau de … Continue reading

The Masculine Influences of Chanel: Boy Chanel | Alex Dellal

Dear Letter Lovers, When Coco Chanel launched the brand back in the 20’s  her vision was to replace opulent, ‘sexy’ pieces with items that conveyed casual elegance.  And that is how many consumers perceive the brand nowadays: Elegant, Classic, Selective  But what many fail to acknowledge was that Coco was particularly avant-garde for her time, … Continue reading

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