Agatha Ruiz de la Prada : The Queen of Pop Surrealism & Cupcake Headbands

 Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for Yoox 

✩ ✩ ✩

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada designed a collection of hairbands for




And each headband is a truly unique work of art.



…from hearts to cupcakes, balloons, eggs and shopping bags…

…this collection truly embodies the essence of Agatha.

“I picture Anna Dello Russo as a potential client.


She’s extremely elegant and always wearing some sort of headpiece!”

Above, AdR wearing her ever-so-famous watermlon headband

A & A at Salone del Mobile 2011


“I think headbands play a super important role as accessories in a woman’s wardrobe…

…especially when you dont have time to do  your hair...

What better than a beautiful headband to brighten up one’s day!!!”


My personal favourite and probably Agatha’s as well, the balloon/ball piece.

“…I can’t tell what kind of person would wear them…

…but i have plenty of them…


…and everybody is always asking where to got them! ”


Agatha’s designs were so popular they sold out after just a few hours.

Amy Ramírez from TOKS with one of ARP’s personal headbands

The Umbrella is one of my personal favourites.

“A headband is the kind of accessory that brings life to an outfit at any age.” ARP interview NY TIMES

Even Philip Treacy is a fan of Agatha’s head work.

Agatha was kind enough to lend Agueda and I some of her very own designs for PT’s exhibition party.


Below, Agatha :


♡ The Queen of Surrealist Fashion &  ♡s



If the term Pop Surrealism signifies taking kitsch elements from everyday life…


and arranging them in a way that maximizes the emotional, sentimental, and psychological aspects of everyday symbols… 


… then Agatha is the 21st century Queen of Pop Surrealism…



And this collection conceived for Yoox only reinforces her position as an artist opposed to just another high street fashion designer.


★  Long Live Queen Agatha



The Yoox hairbands have sold out

But if you wish to order your very own ARP headband, send me an email.

❤ Make sure to vist the ARP website



Lots of love from a Lisboner in Madrid




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