Kaiser Karl Has a Thing for Queen Elizabeth II

Dear Letter Lovers,

A while back, Karl Lagerfeld was invited by french television channel France 2 to debate and comment her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee that took place just last week.


And the Kaiser’s comments provied to be far more entertaining than the usual British commentaries, and made live with the Kaiser’s personal tweets:


“The Queen does not give into the escalation of emotions, I find this remoteness very elegant.” KL via Twitter


It turns out, Karl is a major fan of HRH Elizabeth II, which quite frankly does not come as a suprise, the german Kaiser of fashion has always had a thing for royalty, boasting a number of close personal relationships with Royals from all over the world.

Below, Karl & Princess Caroline of Monaco.


“J’ai demandé à mes parents de m’acheter ma première télévision pour suivre le couronnement de la reine Elizabeth II” –KL via Twitter



In honour of the Diamond Jubilée and Her Majesty of course, Karl sketched three exquisite drawings of The Queen during his commentary and celebrations, and was kind enough to share them with us via twitter.

Tribute to a Queen

I would now like to share the sketches with those who have not yet seen them in my own personal tribute to Her Majesty…

…A lady of immense dignity, discretion, fortitude and elegance. 

One who has perfectly fulfilled her duties as the key representative of the English Monarchy,  an institution that may be losing it’s relevance in the present century…

♔     ♔     ♔


But who in the past has honoured the wishes of the English people and is immensely respected all over the world. 

♔ Once a Queen, Always a Queen ♔


Long live the Queen, Long live Britain and long live the generation of men and women who knew the meaning of duty and dignity.

And in the words of the Kaiser of Fashion to describe the Queen of the British people’s hearts :

“La Reine est mystérieuse mais humaine, sans mystère, ça ne marcherait pas.”-KL


And he couldn’t be more right. The mystery, rigidity and discretion is all part of the Anglo-saxonic way and charm.

The public demonstration of emotions is nothing less than vulgar an inappropriate.

♔ Long live the Queen ♔



And Long Live Kaiser Karl for having quoted and captured Her Majesty so perfectly…


♛  ♛  ♛  ♛  ♛


This post is especially dedicated to Maisie Louise Smith de Lancastre

♛  ♛  ♛  ♛  ♛



For more of Karl Lagerfeld’s eloquent quotes follow him on Twitter



Lots of Love from a Lisboner part Londoner In Madrid,




4 Responses to “Kaiser Karl Has a Thing for Queen Elizabeth II”
  1. lila says:


    Beijo especial à tia Maisie , à Filha e à Neta.

  2. Teresita Valentita says:

    Only today did I read your blog on HM the Queen. Well said. I’ll certainly show it to Granny. She’ll love it and I’ll post her comments. We’ll see what she has to say!!!

  3. We still have beautiful commemorative 24 carat Gold Karatbars Limited Edition Gift Cards celebrating HM Queens Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee. Only 6,000 produced worldwide. A unique giftt to celebrate this wonderful monarch who has dedicated her life to her country! @Gold-Angels

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