Who here has a thing for Anna Dello Russo?

The Queen of Accesorizing :

Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo, once described as a “fashion maniac” by Helmut Newton, is possibly one of the most interesting and outrageous fashion icons to capture the focus of thousands of lenses all over the world.

A favourite among some of the most popular street style blogs which include Jak&Jil and The Sartorialist, Dello Russo is a keen Ambassador for chunky statement jewelry and accessories.

So much so, that just a week ago H&M announced their latest upcoming collaboration with the current Vogue Japan editor and key consultant, a collection that will without a doubt sell out in the first few minutes.

“Flashy Jewels personalize your style!” ADR Quotes from anna dello ruso.com

I LOVE jewelry because it makes the look personal.” | Style. com

Her expressions evoke so much enthusiasm that one can only presume Dello Russo bubbles with energy and creativity. One thing I’ve come to notice during the past year and half is that in most of the pictures scouted from street style blogs, she always smiling.

A Smile:

Definition 1:A facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision”

A facial expression so powerful it has the ability to capture the attention of thousands. It’s what makes us human beings, it’s what makes us real people.

And that’s what good PR is about nowadays, giving a piece of yourself to the media, sharing with them more than your style, serving up your personality on a plate.

Nowadays, we live in a virtual world that is saturated with style icons and blogs. Personal style is important, anyone can wear an outrageous outfit, but only a privileged, outstanding and charismatic few can carry one off.

The 21st Century rives on charisma, not style. To quote Carine Roitfeld : “Let the others have beauty. I’ve got the charisma. ”

And Anna exudes charisma.

Thankfully, Anna is not one of those people who takes herself to seriously.

One of her most epic quotes states that you “DON’T WEAR SUNGLASSES, IF YOU’re ARE VIP (VERY VERY IMPORTANT PERSON). IT’S IMPOLITE.” Anna Dello Russo.com

Well, some rules are meant to be broken, but nonetheless, it’s the effort that counts.

Here lies my tribute to this Legend of Fashion.

A source of inspiration, creativity and charisma

“Io mi definisco una fashion victim.”

“La mia passione sconfinata per la moda si esprime in due modi.”

“Intanto, in una devozione assoluta nei confronti della creatività e del talento.”

“E poi nei miei look: amando la moda alla follia, la cosa più logica mi sembra esprimere questo amore proprio su me stessa e con me stessa.”

All images in this post are copyright of StreetSFN and Jak&Jil Street Style Blogs.

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“Alle volte mi sembra di essere un po’ “fuori dalle misure.Ma proprio non riesco a contenermi!” ADR

Lots of Love from Madrid,



4 Responses to “Who here has a thing for Anna Dello Russo?”
  1. I’m sorry to admit that I haven’t heard of her before. Just looking at these photos makes me smile at the fact that she’s an older woman still living life like she’s young. She seems like a great person to know as well.

  2. amberhella says:

    é impossível não a adoraaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!

  3. Inger-Lise says:

    she looks like she has anorexia,have AIDS or canser,i think the first is rigth,she looks desperat and awful

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