Marie Antoinette Gets a Hair Cut – Chanel Resort 2013

Marie Antoinette Gets a Hair Cut & Goes Punk Rock

It took a year to produce, but once again, Karl Lagerfeld managed to find the perfect balance between classic elegance and the modern trends of the 21st century for this year’s edition of the Chanel Resort Collection.

Set in the gardens of Le Chatêau de Versailles, Marie Antoinette got a hair-cut and went a little punk rock.

In the words of Lagerfeld himself: It’s Coco Rock, Not Rococo!’

She may have shortened her skirts lost a great deal of hair and , but Chanel’s collection that pays tribute to the charismatic Marie-Antoniette embraces and remembers the opulent luxuries and trends associated with the era of this over-indulgent Dauphine.

 Rock n’ Roll Riot vs Pretty in Pastels

It’s Coco Rock, Not Rococo!’

Like most things in life, the key to success is finding a balance between two extremes. And if anyone knows anything about combining contrasts and bringing together opposing styles it’s Karl Lagerfeld.

Pretty Pastels Vs. Bold Blacks

While Pastel tones reign in Lagerfeld’s most recent kingdom of creations, the signature Chanel black and whites creep in and out, creating contrasts and enhancing modern rock n’roll punk trends.

Structure and form also play an important role.

Exaggerated collars and sleeves capture the fashions of eighteenth century, while bobs and neon colours bring us right back to the future, reverting us to Marie-Antoinette of modern times.

And let’s not forget those Exquisite Embellishments

Carefully embroidered gold details and embellishments brought opulence and luxury to rough denim pieces as well as jackets and skirts.

Please note the shoes and the hats. Two completely different types of accessories that convey two completely different types of styles that serve as complements yet create contrasts.

An absolutely fantastic collection – Classic & Controversial as ever

At the end of the show, Karl Lagerfeld told the press he wanted a collection that was “floating and futile”.

Irina Simões, journalist at Público Life&Style Moda, couldn’t have have come to a cleaner conclusion:

“Taking as inspiration the queen who died for not wanting to give up  luxurious excesses, the Cruise collection is the maximum irreverence in a time of crisis. Because wealth is almost taboo, only Chanel could refill Versailles with kings and queen.Chanel a Rainha de Versailles, Publico Life&Style Moda Maio 2012

                      All images in this post are copyright of Chanel News- Chanel

This post is especially dedicated to

José Alguem

Long live King Karl.

Lot’s of Love from a Lisboner in Madrid,



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  1. Maria says:

    gosto imenso deste blog e escreves muito bem ingles!

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