✈ CLV’s is Making a Move to Madrid ✈

Dear Letter Lovers,

♕ For everything there is a season ♕

The arrival of summer brings with it some important changes for me and my beloved blog.

After careful consideration I’ve decided to move Fabulous Letters From Lisbon to the WordPress Server. The quality is higher, the posts cleaner and hopefully this will lead to a greater audience.

As some of you may be aware, I started this blog in order to have some sort of portfolio to present to potential fashion publications looking for collaborators.

Since October, Fabulous Letters From Lisbon has grown slowly, but sustainably. I have the privilege to attend incredible events, collaborate with interesting brands and made some wonderful friends. One can only hope that things keep progressing this way!

CLV at Marni for H&M Preview

The Move to Madrid

As mentioned previously, as much as I love the blog and all that comes with it, I’ve dared to dream a little larger.

In May I shall be moving to Madrid for a three month internship at the fashion house Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. It’s very exciting, I’m immensely looking forward to it and the experience will be highly beneficial for my CV.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

However, this does mean that your Fabulous Letters from Lisbon shall be changed to

Fabulous Letters From a Lisbon(er!)

I’ve contacted some companies in Madrid and will try to share with readers my perspective on how the Spanish fashion industry ticks. I promise to do my best to maintain the quality of photographs and posts. Unfortunately I will not be taking our beloved photographer Francisco Steinwall with me, but we’ll have to make do!

I hope that all of these changes will only benefit the blog and the quality and diversity of the posts.

If you have any questions email CLV at fabulouslfl@gmail.com

Make sure to like the Fabulous Letters from Lisbon Facebook Page

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Special thanks to everyone who reads the posts, shares them likes them and follows us.

It has made all the difference and we really appreciate it

Lots of love from Fabulous Lisbon,



7 Responses to “✈ CLV’s is Making a Move to Madrid ✈”
  1. Teresita Valentita says:

    Good luck CLV!! You may be sure we’ll follow all your news!!xxx

  2. catarinalv says:

    Teresita, you sound vaguely familar.


  3. amberhella says:

    welcome to wordpress 😉 para mim mt melhor sem duvida alguma ❤

  4. IFC says:

    Best of luck! x

  5. Catarina, great news!! Desejo-te o maior sucesso, por que o teu potencial é sui generis. You deserve it. 🙂 Vai-nos pondo a par da moda madrilense! 😉

    um beijinho grande e espero que um até breve!!

    • catarinalv says:

      Minha querida! So sweet! Obrigada 🙂
      Vamos ver se consigo emplastrar-me para os eventos de moda Espanhois!

      Daqui a três meses I’m back!

      Beijinho enorme ❤

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