Who here has a "Thing for Shoes?"

Dear Letter Lovers,

Once again, due to professional constraints, the first post of the week is limited to images.

For this feature, it’s all about shoes

…courtesy of Jak&Jil, Vogue and StreetFSN…

 ° I dedicate this post to all of women who have a particular fetish for shoes °

 (One which I myself do not personally share.)

But to put things in perspective, let me share with you a tweet posted by Louboutin just last night

► Shoes carry a woman, & a woman carries a bag





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                     ► Who is still questioning whether or not Fashion is an art?

                                     Lot’s of Love From Fabulous Lisbon,




4 Responses to “Who here has a "Thing for Shoes?"”
  1. Branca says:

    Love love love!!!

  2. nunKI says:


    Já conhece a nunKI?
    Tem um giveway a decorrer. Concorra!!


  3. Ainda bem que gostaram! NunKI: Vou concorrer! Um beijinho

  4. Buzz says:

    O Louboutin sabe!! =) Mas adoro os dos gatos =)


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