Dear Letter Lovers,

Today I want to focus on Pureza Fleming, who most of us know as Miss Pu.

Pureza Fleming: We wanted her from Day 1. 
When I rang her up to pitch BAGUERA VECTORY Collection all I could hope for was that she would say “Yes”. 

Pureza Fleming for VECTORY

Well known in the our portuguese fashion world for her blog Fashion Rules, Pureza is invited to take part in a number of campaigns and events
And we wanted her for the VECTORY clutches. 
But don’t get me wrong.
She’s not one of those bloggers who posts about giveaways and diet pills
She takes  fashion seriously but not too seriously.
Pureza Fleming by Joana Quintanilha  

Fashion Rules is pure and simply about
Fashion & Trends.

There’s no bla bla, personal info or soppy love quotes. 
Pureza Fleming for VECTORY

Miss Pu, as she is known around town, is a big fan of Miss Moss.

And her style and fashion choices are reminiscent of the Super Model in almost every way in many ways.
 Photograph by Joana Quintanilha:

  Dark, Simple, Edgy & Effortlessly Cool.
And this was exactly the kind of look we wanted for the 
VECTORY Campaign
Pureza Fleming for VECTORY

I’ll never forget running into her at the H&M for Versace Showroom where everyone was going crazy over the prints
Pureza was far more interested in the pieces that emerged from the brand’s partnership with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. 
She’s just the kind of girl.
We loved her grunge, her leather, her greys & her blacks

Miss Pu, I’ve said it once an I’ll say it again:
“We wanted you on board Day 1.
You were perfect fit.”
Thank you Miss Pu .

To learn more about Pureza’s collaboration and the Baguera VECTORY collection visit the official BAGUERA website

P.S You can now pre-order one of the VECTORY clutches by clicking here:
Lots of Love from Fabulous Lisbon,

P.P.S Wilma Faget: You’re Next
  1. Sara says:

    acabei de ver as fotos no Fashion Rules da Miss Pu e adorei. as fotos ficaram lindas. e as clutchs são um sonho *

  2. TheGirl Chic says:

    A Miss PU está simplesmente brutal!!! Mas as clutch acompanham!!!! e Muito!

  3. MISS PU says:


    obrigada queridas… foi um real, verdadeiro e muito sincero privilégio 🙂

  4. A Pureza rocks!!!

    Para além de ser gira que se farta, é cheia de atitude e o Fashion Rules não podia ser mais contra-corrente!

    As clutches… I guess I might have to order one!

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