Who here has a "Thing for Shoes?"

Dear Letter Lovers, Once again, due to professional constraints, the first post of the week is limited to images. For this feature, it’s all about shoes …courtesy of Jak&Jil, Vogue and StreetFSN…  ° I dedicate this post to all of women who have a particular fetish for shoes °  (One which I myself do not … Continue reading

Vintage in Town | Du Chic à Vendre

Dear Letter Lovers, Lisbon is a city filled with Zara’s, Massimo Duttis, Bershka’s. Were a little low on luxury fashion brands, even though Gucci opened in January. And Vintage?  Well, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack  ►And then I found Du Chic à Vendre ◄ Photographed by Francisco Steinwall Needless to say … Continue reading

The Masculine Influences of Chanel: Boy Chanel | Alex Dellal

Dear Letter Lovers, When Coco Chanel launched the brand back in the 20’s  her vision was to replace opulent, ‘sexy’ pieces with items that conveyed casual elegance.  And that is how many consumers perceive the brand nowadays: Elegant, Classic, Selective  But what many fail to acknowledge was that Coco was particularly avant-garde for her time, … Continue reading

The Style of the Street | The Place Where It All Begins | NYC

Dear Letter Lovers, Due to professional constraints, for the next few days it will have to be all about the photographs. Below you can find a personal selection of New York Fashion Week Street Style shots courtesy of Vogue and JAK & JIL.  This is what you really love isn’t it?    The inspiration behind … Continue reading

Gucci : A Love Affair with High Society Since 1920.

Dear Letter Lovers, Last Thursday it was announced that Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco is to be the new face of Gucci, for the brand’s latest campaign: |Forever Now| Timeless Beauty & Modern Allure.  “No one captures the dual spirit of Gucci better than Charlotte Casiraghi.  Beginning this month, the accomplished equestrian and longtime friend … Continue reading


Dear Letter Lovers, Over the past few days you’ve been hearing quite a lot about BAGUERA‘s latest collection: |VECTORY| “The Accessory that personifies the 21st Century Modern-Day Woman” Today I’d like to introduce to you Wilma Faget: Star of VECTORY BY DAY Note to all readers:  It’s pronounced Vilma Fajet Half-german, half-portuguese and with some … Continue reading

MARNI FOR H&M Shopping Preview: "Portuguesas: How Deep is Your Love?"

Dear Letter Lovers, The Marni for H&M collection was made available to the public this morning at 10 a.m.  Thanks to Miss Pu, from Fashion Rules, and a little green invitation, I managed to make my way into the Shopping Preview, at 8h30 a.m. Of course being latin as I am, I arrived at 9h10 … Continue reading


  Dear Letter Lovers, Today I want to focus on Pureza Fleming, who most of us know as Miss Pu. Pureza Fleming: We wanted her from Day 1.  When I rang her up to pitch BAGUERA VECTORY Collection all I could hope for was that she would say “Yes”.  Pureza Fleming for VECTORY Well known … Continue reading

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