A Girly Girl’s Christmas Wishlist

Dear Lisbon Letter Lovers, Christmas is approaching, and from what I’ve been hearing, it’s causing a lot of you a MASSIVE headache. There are those who relish in Christmas shopping! Nothing gives them greater joy than buying gifts for their loved ones! Then there are those of us who wish the whole thing would be … Continue reading

Versace for H&M 2011: A +1 in the Lisbon Showroom

Work in Process: Versace for H&M 2011 Dear Lisbon Letter Lovers,  Every November brings with it a feeling of anxiety and excitement, and not because it’s time to break out the Autumn/Winter wear and cover up parts of the body that summer simply cannot disguise.  November is the month that H&M pairs up with a … Continue reading

A Fabulous Little Letter From Lisbon: Things to Look Forward To in November

Dear Lisbon Letter Lovers,  Many of you have contacted me saying that this week you were expecting a new post, and if fact there was none. I’m terribly sorry for not having given you a weekly article or update but I’m currently involved in the organization of the 2011 Fashion  Awards Portugal that will take … Continue reading

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