ModaLisboa Day 4: a +1’s Point of View

Workstation: Arlindo Camacho for Associação Moda Lisboa Those of you who read my post ModaLisboa Day 1: A +1’s point of view know that I made some slightly harsh and cynical judgments regarding the Portuguese so-called VIP Fashionistas. Their trends were boring and far too calculated, just as if they had been copied and pasted … Continue reading

Estée Lauder’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Hits Lisbon: Think Pink

Last Thursday, the 13th of October, Estée Lauder launched its annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and Pink Ribbon products right here in Lisboa at El Corte Inglés. PR3D, the communication agency responsible for bringing the VIP’s and journalists together, kindly invited me to event where I learnt about this year’s Pink Ribbon items and the … Continue reading

ModaLisboa Day 3: a +1’s Point of View

The energy on Saturday was fantastic and bursting from the walls of Pátio da Galé. This of course may be associated to the outrageous number of people present to see the most recent collections of Adidas (a show that is known all around due to its high entertainment factor), Filipe Fáisca and Portugal’s very own … Continue reading

ModaLisboa Day 2 : a +1’s Point of View

During the past 4 days I kept reminding myself of one thing: being here is a privilege therefore it is your obligation to make the most of it. Having a business major, I identified three major personal objectives to be met by Monday the 11th of October at 6h30 AM, the closing time of Absolute … Continue reading

ModaLisboa Day 1: a + 1’s Point of View

Yesterday Matilde, my closest and most dearest friend, rang me saying that her boss had given her a three-day pass for ModaLisboa, AKA Lisbon Fashion Week. Either way, Matilde would have found some way of getting in. Correction, of getting US in. And she wouldn’t settle for a tourist visa, if we were to attend … Continue reading

Fashion Victims

  Apparently the term Fashion Victim was coined by Oscar de la Renta to describe “a person who is unable to identify commonly recognized boundaries of style”. (Well this is what was passed on to me by Wikipedia…) The Urban dictionary is less elegant yet far more to the point in its description. According to … Continue reading

Hello I’m Eurofabulous

At the risk of sounding banal and almost intolerably unoriginal, here it goes nonetheless: I love Fashion. I did what most people expected of me: I finished high school, went to a good university, went on to an complete an even better Masters in Business and yet here I am, loving fashion and running away … Continue reading

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